Now We Know Why Cook County Wants to Tax Gun Sales!

If there can be such a thing as irony in Illinois politics, this is it: Taxing gun owners to pay the salaries of anti-gun groups. In a November 1, 2012, story on the website Human Events, Neil McCabe writes:

 Preckwinkle failed in her attempt to have the proceeds of the transfer tax earmarked for the healthcare expenses of Cook County gangbangers. Her plan to tax ammunition also failed.

[Illinois State Rifle Association Executive Director Richard A.] Pearson said under the new, “compromise” plan, the ammunition tax would be eliminated with the $25 “transfer” fee on firearm sales still in play and targeted to support the salaries and program costs of local gun control organizations.

Yep, you read that right: Since Preckwinkle cannot fund the healthcare for gangbangers shot in the senseless, ongoing gang warfare that grips the City of Chicago, she will tax law abiding gun buyers to fund the very people who want to eliminate their Second Amendment rights.

Let’s take that a step further: By doing that, during the worst economic slump since the Great Depression, made all the worse by what passes for Leftist economic thought and policy, they are going to drive business out of Cook County for the sake of giving the proverbial finger to local gun owners. Sure, the counties surrounding Cook will benefit from the ideologically driven stupidity of Preckwinkle and her Leftist cronies in Chicago, but innocent people in Cook County will suffer. Jobs will be lost as some businesses relocate and those who do stay in the County see their business diminish.

If anything, this new tax demonstrates one thing about Leftists in general and Toni Preckwinkle and the Cook County democrats in particular: Ideology will ALWAYS trump both economic reality and common sense.

I say we, the law abiding gun owners of America, help them along by foregoing any business dealings within Cook County, Illinois. There are plenty of other, more sensible places to do business, plenty of places that respect us, plenty of places hungry for our business. I have, for many years, refused to spend one dime within the City of Chicago because I refuse to support their policies. I now officially declare that I will expand my personal ban to include all of Cook County, and I invite everyone reading this to do the same. There is, after all, nothing there that cannot be had somewhere else and for better value.


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