Poor Lost Republicans

Here we are, a couple of days after the 2012 election, and the question that nags at me is this: Given Obama’s absolutely abysmal record, how could Romney lose? Well, there are a lot of reasons. Being originally from Chicago, I know that the Democrats committed voter fraud and so, in many areas, stole the election. How did the Republican Party respond to that? They didn’t, at least not in any meaningful way. This should not be a surprise, since the Republicans have been sitting on their hands for a number of years now. For example:

  • The Democrats spent four years blaming Bush and covering Obama on the economy. How did the Republican Party respond to that? They didn’t, at least not in any meaningful way.
  • Obama was certified with no real investigation into his eligibility to be President, and he has been fighting any such investigation ever since. How did the Republican Party respond to that? They didn’t, at least not in any meaningful way.
  • Obama spent his first term circumventing Congress with one executive order after another, including orders that so cut our oil production that gas prices more than doubled during his first two years. How did the Republican Party respond to that? They didn’t, at least not in any meaningful way.
  • Paulson and Bernanke demanded $700 billion in stimulus spending, and Bush went along with it. How did the Republican Party respond to that? They didn’t, at least not in any meaningful way.
  • Obama socialized medicine in America. How did the Republican Party respond to that? They didn’t, at least not in any meaningful way.

I could go on and on, but I think the point is made: The so-called right-wing party in America has allowed the Left to run the nation to the edge of disaster, and by allowing Obama another term, they have pushed the nation over that cliff. Just look at the stock market. The Dow is dropping like stone, and who knows when that will stop?

Look at yourself, your friends, and ask yourself this: If someone was consistently doing something that was diametrically opposed to everything you believe in, and their actions affected you and your loved ones, would you do something about it, something more than the strongly worded letter or press statement? If you didn’t, what would people think? They would call you a hypocrite, they would say that you secretly agree with all those things you claim to be so opposed to, and they would be right.

This is the nature of the Republican Party today. It has shifted to left-of-center. How do I know that? Because they do not fight the neo-socialists of the Democrat Party, they do not fight for the individual or for limited government, or for anything that they claim to stand for. They compromise, they hold back, they turn a blind eye, and the Left grabs every more power. The Republicans are just happy to have a seat at the table.

These are the people we, as gun owners, trust to stick up for us? Are you kidding?

That thought should terrify each and every gun owner in this country. With the allure and corruption that go hand-in-hand with governmental power, the Republican Party has become more interested in that power than in the People. As such, they have sold out on nearly every major issue in the name of comity, compromise, good government. I have no reason to believe they will not sell out gun owners if it serves their purposes.

As counter-intuitive as this may sound, it really is time for a real conservative party. This party should be focused on the rights and prosperity of the individual. Why? Because a population of prosperous individuals leads to a prosperous nation; and a population of individuals with their rights respected and protected leads to citizens that are not only happy, but will happily pull together in times of crisis. You see pockets of that here and there, always at the local level, but on the national stage, that attitude died with the rise of the socialist counter-culture in the sixties and the Left’s takeover of American public education.

As far as I am concerned, the Republicans have failed us for the last time. Time to look for a new Party that cares more for the People than for power. Time to anoint a new conservative party.



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7 thoughts on “Poor Lost Republicans

  1. Not a thing. There are actually a number of parties out there vying for the Conservative vote. If they could all be brought together under one organization, that would be a powerful alternative to the Republicans. They have to speak to the needs of the individual, and they have to start right now.

  2. Your Nutz

    You lost, get over it.

    • Boy, you sure told me! Ouch! Oh, wait…it seems that as with most lefties, reading is not really your strong-suit, is it? After all, people like you prefer to be spoonfed your ideas by your leftist masters in the DNC. We can think of it as intellectual socialism, where the power elite controls your thoughts. However, for the sake of clarity, I will respond to you.
      Are you sitting down? Need to go potty? I’ll wait…
      OK, here it goes: The focus of the piece was on the leftward drift of the Republicans and how they no longer speak for conservatives, not their loss to your jug-eared messiah. Your trivial brain fart is, therefore, off-topic and relevant only in that it demonstrates that lefties cannot form a cogent argument to anything. Thanks for living up to everything your stereotype says about you! Maybe Obama will give you a cookie!

    • RacerJim

      [TO: Your Nutz] The United States of America, thereby freedom loving people all over the world, lost. Go spew your garbage to the Kool-Aid inebriated choir.

      • Now, now, Nutz is just repeating what his Leftist masters want him to say. He is a good little puppet and I am sure they will reward him with some nice new chains…er…strings, yeah, strings.

  3. John

    Maybe Nutz is right (no pun). We lost and maybe we do need to get over it–by doing something about it!

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