Carrying a Gun and the Law

You enter a legal wilderness when you strap that gun onto your hip. This page will give you the legal information you need to carry; and more importantly–and I hope this never happens to you–when you pull the trigger. Topics covered here include:

  • What can justify a shooting?
  • How you should handle the police.
  • Places to avoid and things not to do with your sidearm.
  • What you need to know about traveling with your gun.
  • And so much more!

Common law will be the basis for the legal information offered, so check with a lawyer in your state (your county prosecutor would be a good source) to see how your state laws differ.


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One thought on “Carrying a Gun and the Law

  1. “Any intentional discharge of a firearm in the direction of another person is considered an exercise in lethal force, regardless of your expressed intent, or ultimate result. When you are legally justified in employing lethal force against a threat, and have decided to do so, you are simultaneously justified in fatally wounding (killing) the person. When you are not justified in traumatically ending the offender’s life then and there, you are not justified in firing at all.”

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