How Leftists Argue the Gun Control Debate

Well, maybe argue is too strong a word, since you never get a cogent argument out of any gun-grabber anyway. What you see here is what happens when you force a leftist to look at rational facts about gun control.

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It has often been said that if private citizens did the things that the State does, murder (killing by law enforcement, executions, etc.), kidnapping (imprisonment), and so on, they would be criminals. The Left is very happy with that duality, with the State having the power to coerce obedience through violence and intimidation, and now Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) has come out and admitted it.
The Second Amendment is there to protect the People from politicians like Nadler (and Obama, Pelosi, Reid, etc.) by putting the People on an equal footing with the State in matters of violence. Why? Because our Founders knew what the unfettered, unbalanced power of the State can do to a people. It is time to remember that, to remember we have our Constitutional Rights for a reason, not just because Madison thought they looked good on paper!

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Whether or not you believe that societal collapse is imminent, this article is a wake-up call for everyone who believes in gun rights, especially the right to carry and defend yourself your loved ones. The kind of mob violence we see in Washington D.C. is spreading throughout the nation, primarily in places where law-abiding people are refused the right to self-defense with arms. In Chicago, for example, similar mobs invaded the Michigan Avenue shopping district over the last summer, robbing stores and assaulting people. The response from the city’s leftist democrat leaders:very little. In fact, it was yet another demonstration that the government will not protect you. These, by the way, are the same “leaders” who are doing everything they can to keep you from defending yourself.

Assuming that the author of this article is right, we will see two trends: increasing gun ownership and carriage; and an ever-greater push by governments at various levels to disarm the people. After all, these politicians don’t care about protecting the people, all they care about is consolidating power. As Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel said, “never let a crisis go to waste.”

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AutoZone decided to punish a hero, to fire a man who saved the life of a fellow employee because he broke their irrational anti-gun corporate rule. As a result, they have lost my business, and I ask anyone reading this to follow along with me.

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Disarming Americans will be the trigger that sets off the next Civil War, and that may be the only thing that will set Washington DC back on its heels. Talks, negotiations, will be useless. Obama thinks he has a mandate and can do as he likes. Today, in response to that, you see individuals clamoring for secession; but as Obama and his fascist cohorts grab at more power, the sentiments will spread into state governments as well. Then, we will see confederations of states form to oppose Obama and his federal tyrants. The army is unlikely to fire on Americans protecting their own constitutional rights, so Obama will call in the UN, and that is where the fun really starts. This is all speculation, of course, but I do know that Obama remains in power, and that he has signed onto the UN Small Arms Treaty. Those two things alone should set gun owners (and every other citizen concerned about freedom) on high alert. The next four years will be interesting; terrifying for many, disgusting for most, humiliating for some…but interesting none the less.

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Hold Congress’ Feet to the Fire

Now that Obama has retained the presidency, we gun owners have to rely on the Congress, our congressional representatives and our senators, to preserve our freedom to keep and bear arms. I urge everyone this blog reaches to contact their legislators from both houses, don’t worry about Republican or Democrat, and demand to know what they, personally, plan to do to preserve your Second Amendment rights. I am doing that with my own legislators and posting their replies. I urge you to follow suit, and when you get answer, we’ll post it right here!

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Ouch is right! We had a chance to reverse course, but failed to do so. We had a chance to ensure a future for our kids, but failed to do so. Now, getting back to the gift our founders gave us will be that much harder.

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Technical Difficulties

Live blogging was suspended last night due to technical difficulties. I am, however, back this morning and after last night, I have a lot to say!

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Fox Calls…

Kentucky and Indiana for Romney, Vermont for Obama. They also report that Romney is leading in Georgia.

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Take a look at New York and ask yourself why all this is happening. The answer is simple, because no one was prepared. Led by a Leftist who emphasizes governmental power over individual rights, New Yorkers have been plunged into a nightmare by a Category 1 hurricane. Relying on the State to save you is a risk that Sandy and Katrina victims can tell you is a mistake of hurricane proportions. This is why we carry weapons, because government cannot save you, it won’t protect you and more often than not, it will leave you twisting in the wind. Learn from these tragedies, be prepared for crises large and small. You and your family will have only you to thank…or to blame.

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