GunSmokeCPL Training

The Gunsmoke Philosophy
Gunsmoke teaches ethical gun ownership and use. We believe that no one wants to use deadly force against another person and, therefore, that the use of of deadly force is a last resort after avoidance, evasion, and deescalation of the encounter have failed. However, we also believe that once the decision to draw your weapon is made, you need the legal knowledge and practical skills to prevail both during the encounter and afterward. The Gunsmoke mission is to give you those skills and tools, and the knowledge you need to use them.

The Gunsmoke Program
Gunsmoke offers a one-day basic concealed pistol license course to Michigan residents for $80.00 (pistols and ammunition provided) that covers the practical aspect of self defense shooting, including:

  • Basic marksmanship and firearms operation
  • Cover and concealment
  • Shooting on the move

Students also learn the legal side of concealed carry, including:

  • Licensing requirments
  • Self-defense, and defense of others
  • Traveling with your weapon and license reciprocity issues from state to state
  • Handling a police stop
  • Legal storage and transportation requirements

We do not just meet the state requirements in our training as others do, but exceed them to properly train you to protect yourself and your family.

For more information, contact Steve at (517)819-0011 or via email at

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