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In San Jose, The Police Want You to Comply with Your Robbers

I am often dismayed by the vapid, flaccid attitude of police agencies after a private citizen defends themselves. That is, after all, what the whole concealed carry movement is about–self-defense. All too often, some mealy-mouthed toadie gets up in front of the media and goes on about the dangers of using a gun to defend yourself rather than congratulating the would-be victim for their courage and resolve in the face of danger. It is sad to see the depth to which we, as a society, have sunk.

Consider, for a moment, the incident that took place last Monday at a San Jose, California, jewelry store. Two armed robbers enter the store. When they commanded the lady who owns the store to produce the loot, she produced a pistol instead, firing a shot in the direction of the bandits and sending them running. She defended herself in a terrifying, highly-stressed situation and came out of it all unscathed. Now, what do you think the San Jose Police Department had to say about it?

Albert Morales, the San Jose Police spokesman, said, “We don’t recommend (drawing a gun or firing). We would have preferred that they just go ahead and comply with the request or demands of the robbers. Again they were after material items that could be replaced and again our biggest fear is that somebody would have gotten hurt, injured and possibly even died.”

How’s that for letting criminals know where they stand in San Jose? I can hear the collective sigh of relief coming from thieves, robbers, pickpockets, burglars and others who have made larceny their profession in and around San Jose. The police prefer compliance to self-defense, submission to standing your ground. No charges were filed, since the shop owner did not actually commit a crime, but Morales made it clear that the police, and presumably the City of San Jose, feel about her exercise of her right to defend herself.

That is the real crime in all of this. Morales is not scolding the thieves, he is scolding the victim. By doing that, he is telling the criminals of San Jose that they should not have to fear the people they prey upon; that the police feel their pain and would like to keep anything so untoward from happening to them ever again. Morales is worried that someone might have died. He’s right, the lady shop owner could have died. She could have been raped first and then killed. The possibilities of what they might have done to her are staggering. None of that happened, of course. She ensured that by drawing her weapon and pulling the trigger, a clear message to the robbers that their own lives were in peril. That was a message they heeded, running headlong out of the store and into a waiting SUV.

Law enforcement has to be made to understand that the armed citizen is not a threat or a problem for them to solve. Instead, they should appreciate such citizens for doing something that police have never actually been able to do: lower the crime rate. The rise in the number of armed citizens has lead to lower rates of violent crime across the board. Why? Because more often than not, the armed citizen actually shoots at their assailant. For any San Jose (or Chicago, New York, Washington D.C., etc.) cops who might be reading this, that means the would-be victim makes it dangerous to be a criminal. As a result of the increased danger, there is less crime. It is no more complicated than that.

Here is the video: Police Want Victims to Comply with Robbers

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The Lessons of Sandy for the Self-Reliant

It has been a few weeks since Hurricane Sandy hit the hopelessly, hilariously, unprepared East Coast of the United States. Remember, Sandy was a relatively mild Category 1 storm, not the monster that was Katrina or Hugo of evil memory, so the lessons learned from those storms should have meant that FEMA, as well as State and Local agencies, would be better prepared, right?

Of course not.

FEMA opened camps that are more POW camps than they are relief camps. Mayor Bloomberg, Mayor of New York, kept the National Guard out of the hardest-hit areas of New York City because he doesn’t trust our soldiers with guns, thus retarding rescue and relief efforts and making things all the easier for looters. Long Islanders are just being allowed to twist in the wind regarding their homes as utility and governmental authorities, the very picture of power-obsessed incompetence, move at a stately, glacial pace to determine which properties are safe to rebuild and which are not; a pace that, in and of itself, has ruined lives.

These are the same people that tell you to trust them when you have a crisis, that you don’t need a gun to defend yourself because you have the State, in the form of the police, to protect you. Really?

Never mind that the experience of Chicago, New York, Washington DC, Great Britain, Australia, and other places with gun bans has been that violent crime shoots through the roof. Never mind the fact that the Supreme Court has already said that the police are not there, nor are they obligated, to protect you. Never mind that when someone is breaking into your home, or shooting at you, the police can take as long as fifteen or twenty minutes to get to you, if they come to help you at all. Never mind any of that, these facts are merely collateral to the point, which is this: The government is utterly incompetent to protect you before or during a crisis. They are very good at cleaning up the mess afterward (which is why I believe most police agencies should forget about carrying guns and body armor, and wear trash collector uniforms), but that is about all.

The State, having shown its incompetence, should not be allowed to keep you from protecting yourself, your family, or your property. Obama and his Leftist cohorts, intent on expanding and imposing ever more governmental power, are going to spend the next four years attacking your Second Amendment rights, as well as your rights to carry your weapon and use it to defend yourself. They will claim it is for safety on the streets, but it is only another step toward consolidating power.

It is time to turn away from government–since it cannot help–and toward each other. It is time to take control and be responsible for our own safety and security. Get licensed and get armed today.

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For Gun Owners, Following the Law Does Not Always Help

Just because you follow the law, that does not mean you won’t end up in prison. That is the plight now facing Brian Aitken of New Jersey. Triggered by a well-meaning phone call by his mother, who was worried about his mental state after his divorce, the legal machinery of the State is doing its best to grind Aitken up for illegally possessing handguns that he had lawfully bought in Colorado, when he lived there; and was transporting back to New Jersey, in full compliance with federal and state firearms transport laws.

Aitken was sentenced in August after he was convicted of felony possession of a handgun. Before his arrest, Aitken, an entrepreneur and owner of a media consulting business, had no criminal record, and it appears he made a good-faith effort to comply with New Jersey’s stringent gun laws. Even the jurors who convicted him seem to have been looking for a reason to acquit him. But the judge gave them little choice. Aitken’s best hope now is executive clemency. He is petitioning New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie for a reprieve this week.

Read the full story here at

Aitken was facing seven years in state prison, but the New Jersey Court of Appeals reversed the trial court on two of the three charges, saying that the trial judge erred in refusing to instruct the jury on the transportation exceptions to New Jersey’s gun laws. Aitken is still fighting the third.

This story should be an object lesson to all gun owners everywhere. Following the law does not shield you from arrest and prosecution. It sounds counter-intuitive, but it is the truth. Laws–especially gun laws–are always open to interpretation by the police, the prosecutor, and the judge; and often that interpretation is colored by the politics of the official in question. There are many jurisdictions that are very gun friendly, but there are many more that are not, both on the state and the county levels.

The only advice I can give you is this: Don;t take your guns somewhere unfriendly to you as a gun owner. If you have no choice, then research and comply with the law, know where you are going, and then expect the worst. After all, urban leftist bastions like New Jersey, New York, California, Illinois, Washington DC, are just itching to show gun owners just how bad bad can get. They care nothing for your rights, or for your compliance with the law. If they can make a case against you, they will.

That said, why would any sane gun owner live in those places, or do business there? I won’t even patronize businesses that prohibit my concealed sidearm on their property. It is time we voted with our feet and left places like that to their violent, self-destructive fate.

What do you think? Take the survey!

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No National Guard in NYC: Bloomberg Only Trusts NYPD with Guns

In a previous post, I suggested that we all boycott Cook County Illinois over their gun-related Leftist stupidity. Today, I get to add New York City to my list…

When I came upon this story, that the National Guard are being kept out of New York City in spite of the pleas of the Brooklyn Borough President, I thought of the Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, and laughed. I laughed at the fools in NYC that elected him and are now trying to salvage their lives after Hurricane Sandy; and I laughed because this delusional statist actually thinks his position is right. You see, he cannot get past his utter loathing for firearms; a loathing so profound that the only people he trusts with guns in New York City are the officers of the NYPD. In a recent NewsBusters Story, Tom Blumer writes:

Mayor Bloomberg has snubbed Borough President Markowitz’s impassioned plea to bring the National Guard to Hurricane Sandy-scarred Brooklyn — arguing that approving the Beep’s request would be a waste of federal manpower and turn the borough into a police state.

“We don’t need it,” Mayor Bloomberg said on Wednesday during a press update on the city’s ongoing Hurricane Sandy cleanup. “The NYPD is the only people we want on the street with guns.”

What is the mayor expecting from the National Guard? Is he afraid they will run amok, looting and raping through Brooklyn? Is he afraid they will really turn the borough into a police state? This is the same Mayor who regulates how large your drink cup can be; the same mayor who supported the officers who shot and killed a number of innocent bystanders trying to kill the assailant in a shooting; the same mayor who routinely works to undermine the Second Amendment rights for all Americans, not just those unfortunate enough to live in New York. So, what we really have is a would-be totalitarian desperate to keep guns out of the hands of people who do not answer to him.
Sadly, while he is posturing like a tin-pot Mousselini (maybe he’s angling for a cabinet post in a second Obama Administration, who knows?), thousands who need the help and protection that only the National Guard can offer are going without because he does not trust the Guard with guns.
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An Armed Society is a Polite Society

Words to live by, especially in this day and age. As things seem to be going south here in the good old USA, more and more people have had that A-Ha! moment and took control of their own personal safety by purchasing and carrying a gun. In doing so, they are declaring that they can take care of themselves, without the help of the State. They are declaring that the police and the courts are inadequate and that they would rather trust to their own skills and training than those of the so-called experts.

On all counts, they are quite correct, but the legal maze they will have to work through can be confusing and dizzying at times. The fact is, there is often a fine line between a good, self-defense shoot and murder. The goal of these pages is to keep you on the right side of that line, to deny the enemies of our Second Amendment Rights any ammunition to use against our rights to carry and defend ourselves, and to make sure you are up to date on the law and the politics that affect concealed carry all over this country.

Check back often for the news you want, and the information you need; and share your concealed carry questions and stories. After all, if we don’t hang together, we will certainly hang separately.

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