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Blacks and Gun Control

Gun control is racist. There, I said it. Originally meant to keep blacks defenseless after the Civil War, I have to wonder why African Americans embrace it at all. After all, in our modern society, they are far more likely to face violent crime than any other demographic group. You would think they would want to be able to defend themselves.

Many do, and that is good. Like everyone else, they should. The problem is that so-called “black leaders” have jumped onto the gun-control bandwagon with such abandon that you have to ask whether they actually care about their fellow blacks, or just want to earn points from the leftist leaders running the Democrat Party.

In a recent article on World Net Daily, Erik Rush observed:

Liberal blacks who defend gun control on the basis of violent crime in the inner cities are also off base in overlooking that these urban areas have been under the complete political control of liberals for decades. It is the destructive social policies of the left that have precipitated the dysfunction that leads to violence in the black community. Indoctrinated blacks, of course, do not see the method behind the madness and thus eagerly embrace the simpleton’s impossible fix: Erase guns from the equation. Like so many other Americans, blacks also accept at face value politicians’ feigned concern for our safety.

Rush is right on target, pointing out the “feigned concern for our safety” of leftist politicians. To them, the idea of public safety generally equates to…actually I am not sure what it equates to. The reason being that nothing they do actually promotes public safety. Instead, they create an intrusive and oppressive government presence (TSA anyone?) and demand obedience to that intrusion in the name of “public safety.” This approach doesn’t actually stop any violence. Just look at Chicago, the murder capital of the nation and home to all sorts of leftist “anti-crime” programs under Rich Daley and now, Rahm Emmanuel, and also home to the most draconian gun control laws in the country.

Do you think the leftists controlling Chicago and Cook County give a damn about the fact that their programs not only don’t stop violence, but actually encourage it by keeping the poor and working classes disarmed? The constant bloodshed is an excuse for more and more government control, more and more intrusion into the privacy or ordinary citizens, more and more dependence, and that is how they use it.

Make no mistake, gun control is a lie; it is a tool of political manipulation and subjugation, and it is incumbent on all free people to fight it, because if you lose the right to keep and carry firearms, what will you lose next?

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Now We Know Why Cook County Wants to Tax Gun Sales!

If there can be such a thing as irony in Illinois politics, this is it: Taxing gun owners to pay the salaries of anti-gun groups. In a November 1, 2012, story on the website Human Events, Neil McCabe writes:

 Preckwinkle failed in her attempt to have the proceeds of the transfer tax earmarked for the healthcare expenses of Cook County gangbangers. Her plan to tax ammunition also failed.

[Illinois State Rifle Association Executive Director Richard A.] Pearson said under the new, “compromise” plan, the ammunition tax would be eliminated with the $25 “transfer” fee on firearm sales still in play and targeted to support the salaries and program costs of local gun control organizations.

Yep, you read that right: Since Preckwinkle cannot fund the healthcare for gangbangers shot in the senseless, ongoing gang warfare that grips the City of Chicago, she will tax law abiding gun buyers to fund the very people who want to eliminate their Second Amendment rights.

Let’s take that a step further: By doing that, during the worst economic slump since the Great Depression, made all the worse by what passes for Leftist economic thought and policy, they are going to drive business out of Cook County for the sake of giving the proverbial finger to local gun owners. Sure, the counties surrounding Cook will benefit from the ideologically driven stupidity of Preckwinkle and her Leftist cronies in Chicago, but innocent people in Cook County will suffer. Jobs will be lost as some businesses relocate and those who do stay in the County see their business diminish.

If anything, this new tax demonstrates one thing about Leftists in general and Toni Preckwinkle and the Cook County democrats in particular: Ideology will ALWAYS trump both economic reality and common sense.

I say we, the law abiding gun owners of America, help them along by foregoing any business dealings within Cook County, Illinois. There are plenty of other, more sensible places to do business, plenty of places that respect us, plenty of places hungry for our business. I have, for many years, refused to spend one dime within the City of Chicago because I refuse to support their policies. I now officially declare that I will expand my personal ban to include all of Cook County, and I invite everyone reading this to do the same. There is, after all, nothing there that cannot be had somewhere else and for better value.


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Cook County, Illinois: Anything to Flip-off Gun Owners

The municipality of Chicago, Illinois, is hard enough on gun owners. Never friendly to gun owners since the advent of Jane Byrne at City Hall in 1979 (she instituted the ban on handguns that lasted until the recent McDonald decision declared such bans unconstitutional), the Windy City boasts the most draconian—and barely constitutional—gun laws in the nation. Oddly enough, Chicago is also the murder capital of the planet. One has to wonder whether there is a connection.

Given the ink spilled regarding Chicago’s hatred for guns, gun owners, gun enthusiasts—pretty much anything gun-related—it is easy to miss the fact that Cook County, with its mostly Chicago-based Board of Commissioners, is just as bad; and to prove it, they just passed a new tax on gun sales.

According to Reuters, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle told a news conference that, “It is very important to us to tax guns because we know that guns are the sources of the incredible violence we have in our neighborhoods.” According to Preckwinkle, 29% of guns used in crimes in Chicago were purchased legally in suburban Cook County.

So…imposing a tax on those purchases is the answer?

Think about it: Since when has the government’s collection of money ever reduced violence? Here is another thing to think about: How many of those so called “gun crimes” were actually unlicensed guns being confiscated for one reason or another? How many were used in self-defense in the most violent big city in the nation? In other words, how many were used to actually commit a crime against another person?

These are not questions that Preckwinkle or any of the other creatures that run Cook County or Chicago want to answer. They simply want to punish the legal firearms trade, and they will likely drive it out of the County as customers who have the misfortune to live in the County will simply go out to DuPage or Will County to buy their firearms. That is jobs lost, businesses gone, and these liberals do not care.

They struck a blow against guns, and for them that is all that counts.

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