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Is America Slipping into Fascism?

There is a new T-shirt out there. It asks everyone who is for gun control to raise their hand. The graphic is of Hitler giving the Nazi salute. I can see the Lefties out there gnashing their teeth at the very thought, but the reality of history is that gun control is linked to every instance of genocidal atrocity from the Armenian genocide at the hands of the Turks, to the Holocaust, to Stalin’s purges, to the killing fields of Pol Pot…the list goes on. Each was preceded by “sensible gun control” practiced on people who were brought up to trust in and rely upon their government. Once those trusting people were unarmed, their ever-so-trusted governments turned on them like rabid dogs in a preschool. Why? Sometimes it was a coldly calculated political decision to eliminate any possible threats to the state. Sometimes it was to set an example and put fear into the hearts of the people. Sometimes it was racism and hate. Does it matter why? For whatever reason, the 20th Century saw millions disarmed, and then killed, by their governments. Our Founding Fathers knew the powerlessness of unarmed subjects, hence the 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights. They understood that the only way a people remains free is to be armed.

The Second Amendment reads: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

The Left has argued for decades that the Militia clause referred to the National Guard, and not to individuals. The problem is that there was not a National Guard when Madison wrote that sentence. No, he understood the word militia to means something entirely different. As our Founders would have understood the word, militia referred to every able-bodied man who could pick up a rifle and defend his community. What does that mean for us today? It means that the militia, as envisioned by Madison, Jefferson, and our other Founders, is us. You are the militia. I am the militia. We are the militia, and that means that we are the last, best line of defense against tyranny.

Why is this important? Because like all democracies, we are losing our way. For years, the Left has been slowly, inexorably, subversively, chipping away at the liberty of the American People. A process that began with FDR in the 1930s, and really took off in the 1960s, put the Left firmly in control of education and media; allowing this erosion of liberty in return for the false security of ever-growing federal government to be made acceptable to enough people to allow them to openly take over. With the reelection of Obama, we have come to that point, where the Left comes out of the shadows and does its dirt right out in the open.

The first thing Obama did was sign on to the UN Small Arms Treaty, which forces restrictive gun control on Americans regardless of the will of the States or even the will of Congress. Then, as if to add insult to injury, Senator Dianne Feinstein began the process of reviving her useless and deeply reviled assault weapons ban. Now we see rules changes to make acquiring a Federal Firearms License (FFL) more daunting by reminding all concerned that denial hearings, while constituting due process, do not have to follow the rules of evidence and other legal niceties required in federal courts. In other words, they are setting the stage to increase the denials of FFLs. Throw in the economic, foreign policy, homeland security, healthcare, and other issues this government plans to “work on;” the openly socialist goals of the Democrat party and the left-of-center shift by the Republicans; and you will see that we are facing a major change in what America means as an ideal. In fact, after the government take-over of the auto industry, it became clear that this government is taking a fascist path reminiscent of Mussolini and Hitler, two totalitarian dictators who grew government for the good of the people, restricted their rights in the name of homeland security; disarmed their citizens, turning them into subjects; and then went homicidal.

But that can’t happen here, I hear you cry, because we are civilized and good!

When Hitler was elected Chancellor, Germany was the hub of European culture, an intellectual mecca with amazing universities, vibrant arts, and a free, cosmopolitan environment that was second to none. Italy was not terribly different, nor was Japan; yet between them, these three nations tore the world apart. America is no different, and it is naivety to suggest that the same atrocities cannot happen here. I am not saying it will, I am saying it can, and with the Obama reelection, I am saying it might. After all, the Left has been pushing us in this direction for decades.

Gun owners, dealers, manufacturers, are all going to face daunting new challenges as this government continues to erode liberty to consolidate power, but then again, so will everyone else; including those who voted this government back into power.

Keep your powder dry, folks. The Militia may yet be needed.

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Is the NRA on the Ropes?

The left-wing mainstream media seems to think so. An article on says this:

The Washington Post editorial board yesterday used the sentencing of a shooting rampage maniac in Tucson to amplify a growing post-election theme that the National Rifle Association has lost political clout and is no longer an impediment to passing “gun control” legislation.

Using Brady Campaign election result and expenditure numbers, the Post concluded “This evidence that the association’s ability to influence elections may be exaggerated should stiffen the spines of Mr. Obama and congressional leaders to take on this important issue.”

I cannot say that the NRA is my favorite organization, but I will say they have staunchly fought the good fight for Second Amendment rights for decades. I will also say that Left have been itching for years to be able to write a headline like that, so we can’t blame them for jumping the gun a bit.

The gun issue was hardly mentioned in the Presidential election, which was a shame, but not unexpected. The Republicans conducted a single-issue campaign that left them unable to properly speak to pretty much anything else, such as gun rights. For Romney, everything he talked about was somehow linked to the economy. That, in and of itself, is not bad, as long as he also talked about other issues in their own right. Had the NRA been able to get him to discuss gun rights as well as the economy, it would have been good. More than that, it would have been a miracle.

Where you saw strength in the NRA was in the congressional and state-level races. There, where the candidates are closer to the people, the rights of the people are considerably more important to them. In that environment, the strength of the NRA and other gun rights organizations comes through. More than that, when specific pieces of legislation are up for votes, the NRA can bring great pressure to bear on sitting politicians in defense of our gun rights.

The editorial board of the Washington Post are every bit as wrong as the demagogues of the Brady Campaign if they think the NRA is down and out. It isn’t, and over the next four years, the NRA will prove that.

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Who Thinks Petreus Really Resigned Over His Extramarital Affair

The NewsMax story is pretty cut and dried, beginning with:

CIA Director David Petraeus resigned his post as head of the nation’s leading spy agency on Friday, saying he had engaged in an extramarital affair and acknowledging that he “showed extremely poor judgment.”

True, the resignation letter does go on to mention the affair, but doesn’t it strike you as odd that he is making such a public resignation over an affair that no one was talking about, and under an Leftist administration that happily turns a blind eye to sexual misconduct every day? Moreover, is it not also strange that his resignation comes on the heels of his report that no one in the CIA told the Benghazi station agents to stand down?

So far, two upstanding military men have gone down after contradicting Obama on that single incident; the first, General Ham, for arguing with the President and Secretary of Defense as the attack was taking place that forces should be sent in to protect those Americans in the embassy, and now the second, Petraeus, for denying cover to Obama by denying any CIA role in ordering that no help be sent.

So, what does this mean to us? As if his horrific attempt to bolster support for a new Assault Weapons Ban called Fast and Furious was not enough, the Benghazi affair, with all its subsequent fallout, further demonstrates the ruthlessness of this individual, Obama, when it comes to getting what he wants. He cares nothing for loyal supporters, he cares nothing for the rule of law, he cares nothing for the American People. He is a true Saul Alinsky radical and firmly believes that the ends, no matter how trivial or personal, always justify the means, no matter how grave or public. Here is the take-away:

  • He wants your guns.
  • He wants them all.
  • He will do anything to take them from you.

And I mean anything. Any questions?

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Obama Wastes No Time Trying to Undermine the Second Amendment via the UN

Patriot Outdoor News gave us the bad news that shortly after winning reelection, Obama backed a U.N. committee’s call to renew debate over a draft of the UN Small Arms Treaty. Worried about giving Romney yet another weapon to use against him, Obama had backed-off supporting the treaty last July. He wasn’t alone in this as there was substantial opposition, some of which came from Democrats sweating the November elections. Now, all that is over and as Obama told the Russians, he has “more flexibility” and, as you can see, he is using it.

Stock up on weapons and ammo, boys and girls. Obama will do anything he can, including surrendering US sovereignty to foreign dictators, to end civilian gun ownership in this country. He has to be stopped, and that means lots of pressure on the Senate and being ready to file suit in Federal court.

One more thing: Obama is really only part of the problem. Anyone who voted for Obama voted against YOUR Second Amendment rights (not to mention YOUR prosperity, YOUR healthcare freedoms, and every other right Obama has stepped on over the last four years). Remember that, and deal with them accordingly.

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The Best is Yet to Come…

Last night, Obama won. Well, it strikes me that Obama did not win as much as Romney lost. Like the sadly genteel Republicans that went before him, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, Romney conceded in spite of the fact that a) a number of states were still being counted; and b) the Democrats would have demanded recounts and filed lawsuits. They do that because they look at these elections as wars that they are determined to win. I am not sure how the Republicans see these contests, but they do not bring the passion and bloodlust of the Democrats, and that is one important reason why they are routinely beaten by the Left. Last night’s election left us in precisely the same governmental situation that we had before, with Obama in the White House, Harry Reid and his democrats running the Senate, and the Republicans running the House of Representatives. What has changed, however, is the fact that Obama cannot run for another term. As a result, he is free to do as he likes, something that the first term showed over and over that he will do regardless of Congress or the Courts.

So, what does this mean for gun owners? First, it means the likely signing and Senate passage of the U.N. Small Arms Treaty; which contains provisions that will force the country to enact highly restrictive gun control laws that will all but eliminate the private ownership of various types of guns from handguns to semi-auto rifles and shotguns. Because treaties are above domestic law, it will take a repudiation by a subsequent President, or a Supreme Court ruling, to get rid of. Speaking of the High Court, Obama has four years to stack the Court with John Paul Stevens type Leftists, who will be itching to overturn both Heller and McDonald, paving the way for the return of gun bans and confiscatory regulations. It also means the return of the so-called “Assault Weapons Ban,” either through the UN treaty or by executive order. Consider the Second Amendment plank in the Democrat Presidential Platform:

We recognize that the individual right to bear arms is an important part of the American tradition, and we will preserve Americans’ Second Amendment right to own and use firearms. We believe that the right to own firearms is subject to reasonable regulation. We understand the terrible consequences of gun violence; it serves as a reminder that life is fragile, and our time here is limited and precious. We believe in an honest, open national conversation about firearms. We can focus on effective enforcement of existing laws, especially strengthening our background check system, and we can work together to enact commonsense improvements—like reinstating the assault weapons ban and closing the gun show loophole—so that guns do not fall into the hands of those irresponsible, law-breaking few.

The language above is vague enough to encompass anything they might want to foist upon the American People, and when coupled with Obama’s statement that “the best is yet to come,” that ought to give all of us serious moment of pause.

Given that Washington is, essentially, a lost cause, our only real hope now is in the states, exercising their 10th Amendment rights. Not all of them, mind you, but with Republicans now occupying 30 of the 50 Governor Offices, and more and more states passing laws to nullify what they see as outrageous power-grabbing by Washington over the last four years. If the best is yet to come, imagine how much more nullification laws will be passed by the states.

By the way, the last time the nation was this polarized, the last time states were nullifying federal laws at this level and pace, the year was 1860. The following year, 1861, there was a bit of a dust-up between the States that lasted until 1865, killing a total of about 625,000 Americans. I returning the most divisive, most arrogant, most anti-American president ever to power, what has this nation done to its children and grand-children? Whatever it is, it won’t be good.

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Fellow Gun Owners,

We are at a crossroads in our nation. We have seen what Barack Hussein Obama is all about, and for us it means a push by government to end our Second Amendment rights. His support for the UN Small Arms Treaty, which may circumvent the Second Amendment; Fast and Furious, with the deaths of our Border Patrol agent and countless Mexican civilians, shows you what he will stoop to in order to push civilian disarmament. There is more, but you get the idea: Obama has no scruples on the point. You have seen for yourselves–reported in media that is generally friendly to his Leftist policies–that he has no scruples about doing anything that might further his goals.

Machiavelli could take lessons from this elitist Chicago curruptocrat!

Romney, on the other hand, while very quiet on the gun issue, speaks loudly of personal liberty, prosperity, freedom, and American exceptionalism. I have to have confidence that Second Amendment rights are included in those sweeping statements.

The last time we saw such a difference between the candidates, the election went to Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter was sent packing back to his peanut farm in Georgia. Once again, we have choice between a vision of Leftist mediocrity in America, or a vision of America as a “shining city on a hill” as Reagan described it. I am not saying that Romney will be another Reagan. Back in 1980, we did not know that Reagan himself would turn out to be Reagan until he was elected. We will have to see. There is one thing we do know: Obama–and the entire Democrat Party–is openly hostile to our interests, both as gun owners and as citizens. They have to be removed from power, and that means you have to get out and vote.

Vote for the candidate that will stand by your Second Amendment rights, and against the one who wants to eliminate those rights. You should know by now which man that is. If you do not vote to protect your own rights, and you lose them, then you have only yourself to blame.

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